Entity Framework Core

Is a technology to support server side codes and bring a powerful secure environment for your web apps.


Opentag workspace use DotNet Core framework to build and develop cross platform applications over Microsoft technologies.

MVC Design pattern

Our projects is devided in three separated smart sections, which are related to eachother and make programming easier.

Bootstrap framework

Frontend developers in Opentag team setup views based on Bootstrap framework and many selfmade libraries.


Our team is interested about building web apps, mobile apps and game developing over Microsoft practical and useful frameworks.

If you like to help or support programming communities, please follow us to make world a better place.

This is our duty to refer different services to our customers. This will show how much we care about people who care about us.

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Send us your reviews. It'll help us in development.



It is our responsibility to provide support for products, we developed.

We will support our products which produced by our team.

Depend on product you have, there is 6 months to 1 year of problem solution support for each plan of web apps designing.

Free consultation

Different development plans of web applications will be provided to client’s depends on their requirements and purposes.

Due to importance of user experiences deigning of apps, there is a Free consultation of your required goal features to products you need.


We take care of your information through components dedicated to securing applications products are protected by anti-fishing components of Asp.net core framework.

In addition, there is a secure authentication for web apps which are produced by Microsoft Identity.


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Amir hossein Khazaeli

Amir hossein sahifi

Mohammad javad Zackerian